Templates and Tools

In various sections of the six primers of The Outcome Primers Series 2.0, we have referred you to the following files being accessible for your use. These files comprise a number of helpful templates, and tools, to assist you in the design and delivery of learning outcomes and assessment systems.

Permission to use these documents for your own personal use is granted, but you CANNOT alter them in any way, without the express permission of The Learning Organization, under the Creative Commons licensure.

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Program, Course, and/or Workshop Outcome Guide

Course Activity Map

Annual Summary of Program Performance

Scoring Guide

Scoring Guide – Assessing the Quality of Intended Outcome Statements

Scoring Guide-Assessing the Quality of the Content and Assessment Descriptions

Summative Rubric

A Rubric for Using Rubrics and Scoring Guides

Program Map

Scoring Guide – Assessing the Quality of a Program Map

Alternative Energy Degree Program Map


Community Building Tool

Proficiency Building Tool

 Learner Satisfaction Tool

Structured Exit Interview

Learner Assessment of Instructor’s Performance

Workplace Assessment of Training Performance

Instructor’s Self-reflection and Assessment Checklist

Course Adjustment Planning Tool

Sustainability Tools