How can we help you?

All of the authors of The OUTCOME Primers Series 2.0 have offered to help you and your staff in three different ways.

  1. Facilitate in-service work sessions for administrators, faculty, and program advisory groups in which they do the following:
    • Create organization-wide, program, and course level learning outcome statements.
    • Align essential content with intended learning outcomes.
    • Develop assessment tasks, work quality criteria, and quality assessment tools.
    • Develop an assessment plan for a college-wide, sustainable flow of learning evidence.
    • Visually map programs to improve course sequencing, align courses with intended outcomes, and identify where major assessments of organization-wide and program outcomes occur.
    • Prepare faculty leaders to facilitate the work sessions described above.
  1. Consult with you (in person or on-line) about the sustainability issues of your outcomes and assessment system (leadership succession, instructor involvement, professional development, and system integration).
  1. Join our Learning Outcome and Assessment Forum to learn and share with college leaders and practitioners the challenges and processes for creating and sustaining an outcome and assessment system using Dr. Ruth Steihl’s methodology and books.  We are committed to providing an active and constructive community of practice designed to help members seek insight and input, share lessons learned and best practices, and discuss challenges and potential solutions.  We are all professional educators from around the world. Let’s make this forum worthy of our abilities!  We are using a closed Linked In group to manage our forum. Click here: to request access to the forum.Questions? Email:

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